Day 10 of looking for Qatar Airways business class award space on British Airways website and still no availability. It makes me feel better that there’s no availability at any point, but really want to get this South Africa trip booked.

One more thing, if @NBC renews Hannibal, even for one more season, it could prove me wrong that Fringe was the last great network drama.

I do know this: Mads Mikkelsen deserves an Emmy, Grammy, Tony, Oscar, fourth-grade spelling bee award and high five for his portrayal.

Would the reveals on Hannibal be more or less effective if you didn’t already know the characterization of the antagonist(/protagonist?)?

Sorry, everyone. I try to avoid tweeting obvious things. Blame it on the heroes for making me drink too much bourbon.

Wait… we’re seriously considering not giving this guy his Miranda rights? How else do we distinguish ourselves?

It’s sad that our heroes have to be born out of these type of situations, but nevertheless, the bourbon is flowing for them tonight.

If most TV shows are in 4/4 time, Hannibal is in 12/8. Familiar, but just enough off to make you take notice.