• Hotel has an iMac running 10.7 and it may as well be in a foreign language. I cannot for the life of me find the library files. It couldn’t be that long ago I used this, right?

  • Why?, you ask? Well because while everyone is trying to get out of New York, I’m heading to the middle of Brooklyn

  • I’ve booked and then had cancelled more forms of transportation in the past few hours than I have in the past 18 months

  • My parents are currently auditioning for the Baby Boomer version of the next HomePod ad by fighting over whether it’s going to play the Greatest Showman soundtrack or Love Potion #9.

  • Definitely didn’t have “104 temperatures” and “Wind Storm” on the why-the-baby-missed-four-days-of-daycare-this-week bingo card

  • That being said, I really want a post TNG/DS9 series. For a franchise that prides itself on being so forward facing, it’s odd that we’ve spent almost 20 years exploring Trek’s past. I refuse to believe all the interesting stories are pre-Captain Kirk.

  • Those who say Star Trek: Discovery “isn’t the Star Trek you know”: you’re right! It’s telling the story of how we got there. If you’re a fan, surely that has to be somewhat interesting to you?

  • I have a HomePod that is currently playing the Once and Future Carpenter by the Avett Brothers. AMA

  • Speaking of Apple, let me talk about an AppleTV feature I love:

    I just got a text that I should watch the Avett’s doc May It Last. I pop open the TV app on my phone, add it to Up Next, and boom, it’ll be in my Up Next queue on the AppleTV for me to watch tonight

  • Aaaaaaanyways— that probably should have been a blog post (or at least a threaded conversation), but just some thoughts while I’m waiting for my HomePod this morning.

  • Apple believes in “openness” as so far as it doesn’t mess with their hardware-selling business. Google believes in “openness” as long as it doesn’t mess with their personal-details collection business. Amazon just wants you to one-click buy everything.

  • Google and Amazon’s business models may allow you to buy other competing devices—but their goal isn’t to lock you into a hardware ecosystem, it’s to lock you into personal-details sharing. Of which, it’s much harder to come back from.

  • Re: This article from The Verge

    I don’t necessarily disagree with the premise that the HomePod further locks people into Apple’s ecosystem. But I think it misses the point (or at least ignores it) that every piece of tech we buy locks us further and further into something

  • I’ve seen enough movies to know that three black SUVs parked in front of your house is rarely a good thing

  • First day of daycare and parents already asking us questions we don’t know the answer to. Better get used to it

  • Last run of the day, first black diamond of the day

  • High of five degrees out on the ski slopes today. Low of 95 degrees in the hot tub tonight

  • Oh man— what are we forgetting for baby’s first five-hour road trip??

  • The more I think about the HomePod, the more important AirPlay becomes (and not just because Star Trek: Discovery caused me to order one). AirPlay 1 has been mostly solid for me, but let’s hope AirPlay 2 is coming soon.

  • Going to see Phantom Thread and then coming home to watch the second half of the Kentucky game. Anything else I should be watching?

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